WorldClinic Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Bill Lang on CNN

May 19, 2020

WorldClinic, Medical Director, Dr. Bill Lang was on CNN last Monday, May 11th to discuss White House coronavirus protocols. To see the full video, click here!

What is the one question Dr. Lang wishes CNN would have asked him? He says he wishes he could have talked more about what WorldClinic is doing to support its clients and members during COVID-19. See the answer below.


Dr. Bill Lang says:

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve supported our members and clients in two ways:

1. Providing Information:

  • We shared analyzed, actionable, and balanced information describing the nature of the virus, the nature of the disease and the real (not hyped) risks of COVID-19.
  • We also provided individual/family/organizational strategies for mitigating (not eliminating) risk, testing approaches, and an “educated crystal ball” on what the future holds for the course of the epidemic.
  • We also kept everyone up to date on the latest treatments and vaccine updates.

2. Delivered immediate access to individualized COVID-19-related health advice: This included assessment of exposures, assessment of symptoms, strategies for and access to testing, and medical care.

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