Individuals & Families


Individuals & Families

When every second counts in a medical emergency, count on us to be there.

When every second counts in a medical emergency, count on us to be there.

How Our Care Model Works

1. Call

Whether directly or through our app, call your WorldClinic physician hotline.

2. Talk

Speak with your US board-certified physician in 30 seconds or less.

3. Diagnose

The physician diagnoses and treats you with your Personal Prescription Medical Kit.

4. Get Referred

If needed, your care team will direct rapid referrals and provide total logistical support.

5. Get Better

We will track and manage your case until it is resolved.

6. Follow-Up

Your physician and care team tracks your progress until the problem is completely resolved.

Our Promise


We will restore integrity to healthcare.


Your phone call will be answered quickly by a trusted board- certified medical professional


We will own and guide your healthcare journey and stay actively involved until and after the problem is solved.


We are loyal to one party only: you, the patient.


Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we will advance the science of taking care of our people

A 35-year-old member called from Aspen, complaining of blurry vision in her right eye after a fall

A guided exam was performed via FaceTime, which revealed a persistent field defect in the right eye, indicating an acute detached retina. The patient was instructed to depart immediately for Aspen Valley Hospital. En route to the hospital, she was kept in an upright posture to limit the spread of the detachment. Arrangements were made for her to be quickly seen by the on-call ophthalmologist. The patient underwent laser surgery within 1 hour of arrival. She had a full recovery of vision in 3 weeks.

A 67-year-old is admitted to the hospital for the second time in 3 months with an irregular heartbeat

He is diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. After WorldClinic collects his medical records, a physician creates a calendared management plan for regular blood testing and helps him set up a smartphone-enabled heart monitor and blood pressure cuff. By taking several readings a day, he quickly creates a baseline heart rhythm. With this plan, any variations in heart rhythm and blood pressure are quickly addressed. He stays out of the hospital and continues to live vibrantly.

Stock images used to protect patient identity.


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