For busy executives and highly mobile individuals and families, WorldClinic provides its members with a first-class, on-demand, comprehensive healthcare experience for any medical condition, anytime, anywhere in the world.

Executive Health Program

Executive healthcare you can count on.

For busy and highly mobile executives, WorldClinic takes the stress of caring for your health away. We know that an annual physical exam is not enough. Work with us to protect your health and your time. Wherever you are, at the office or at an airport, with WorldClinic, you can count on immediate access to world-class doctors to answer your health concerns.

Top-tier executive physical

Access your physician 24/7 from anywhere in the world


Care team to coordinate appointments and follow-up visits


Minimize ER & doctor visits

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WorldClinic has made healthcare happen for our execs. Their doctors and care team do a great job with prevention and wellness, and having them on-call has kept our people safer and more productive.

-HR Director, Fortune 500

How Our Executive Health Program Care Model Works

As a WorldClinic member, you will have immediate access to our board certified, veteran physician group and care team. You will have a unique ability to be seen and treated by our best-in-class emergency and primary care physicians, anywhere in the world.

1. Executive Physical

We source an executive physical program and provide logistics support and coordination of the executive physical and recommended specialist follow-up appointments.

2. Talk

Speak with your US board-certified physician in 30 seconds or less.

3. Diagnose

The physician diagnoses and treats you with your Personal Prescription Medical Kit.

4. Get Referred

If needed, your care team will direct rapid referrals and provide total logistical support.

5. Get Better

We will track and manage your case until it is resolved.

6. Follow-Up

Your physician and care team tracks your progress until the problem is completely resolved.

Membership Has Its Benefits


Minimize ER & Doctor Visits

Virtual access eliminates the need to go anywhere, meaning no long waiting room lines.


Your problem is our problem until it is resolved.

Board-Certified Physicians

Our doctors are broadly knowledgeable experts in emergency medicine and family practice.

World-wide, 24/7 Accessibility

World-class medical care that travels with you.

Start Treatment Immediately

You’re covered with a Personal Prescription Medical Kit.

Speed and Efficiency

A human being answers your call immediately on the first try. There’s no waiting in line for medical care.


Your medical records are constantly kept current.

World-Class Specialist Referrals

If you need a specialist, we will find and connect you to the best one.