Traditional Healthcare Is Not the Answer


Healthcare is increasingly difficult to access.  Long waits for appointments & long lines in waiting rooms frustrate employees who often postpone care.  This leads to more sick-days, impaired performance and avoidable health emergencies.

(2018: $600 Billion Lost Productivity)

What if your firm had its own medical practice?

What if Your Employees could connect 24/7 with this practice in 30 seconds?

What if this team knew your employees personally and had their medical records at their fingertips?

What if this physician team had decades of experience caring for patients anytime, anywhere in the World?

What if this practice provided immediate diagnosis & treatment and prevented visits to the ER?

What if this practice’s Clinical Care Team stayed with your employees
until every medical issue was completely resolved?

What if this Medical Practice was accountable directly to you?

What would be the impact on your business if your key employees truly knew you cared about their health & wellbeing?


The Gold Standard in Executive Concierge Medicine.

Providing 24/7 Connected Healthcare Anytime Anywhere.

Meet the WorldClinic Doctors

Daniel Carlin, MD

US Navy, Chief Medical Officer

Emergency Medicine

William Lang, MD

White House Physician

Family Medicine

Dr. Bruce Oran, DO

Medical Director, Goldman Sachs

Emergency Medicine

WorldClinic Goes Beyond

Concierge Medicine, Telemedicine & Emergency Travel Insurance

To Keep Your Key Employees Healthy & Productive Anytime Anywhere

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