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Access first-class, on-demand, comprehensive concierge medical services. Any medical condition, anytime, anywhere in the world.

Determine which membership level
is right for you

Determine which membership level is right for you

Seamless Care, Limitless Reach

Built on 30 years of emergency medicine expertise and 20 years at the forefront of telemedicine, WorldClinic embodies a commitment to concierge urgent and primary care that’s both personal and efficient. Our unique model combines experienced, board-certified veteran physicians with advanced technology, offering comprehensive, customized care that addresses both predictable and unpredictable medical risks. This allows us to manage any medical emergency seamlessly, ensuring our members receive not just medical attention but a dedicated clinical team that takes ownership of the treatment and recovery process from start to finish.


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World-Class, Uninterrupted, and Available Wherever Life Takes You

In a fast-paced world, your health demands a service that’s equally dynamic and responsive.

24/7 Global Access

Our care knows no borders or time zones. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you’re connected to a physician who knows you, has your medical records, and is ready to address your health needs anytime, anywhere.

Expert Network & Quality Assurance

Our cadre of medical professionals possesses extensive expertise in addressing a spectrum of health scenarios. Each of our members has one dedicated physician who understands the full depth of your health history, ensuring that every consultation is informed and personalized.

Personalized Medical Response

Connect with a WorldClinic physician in 60 seconds or less for care that’s as immediate as it is personalized. Our Personal Medical Kits (PMK) are built for you, enabling, immediate, effective treatment for 90% of all medical issues.

Complete Care Coordination

We provide comprehensive coordination of your healthcare, whether integrating with your current physicians or serving as your primary healthcare provider. Our dedicated team ensures seamless management of your medical needs for optimal health outcomes.

Individuals & Families

Our commitment is to provide unparalleled support and immediate response for all your healthcare needs.

Whether navigating day-to-day wellness or confronting health issues during your travels, our distinctive personal Prescription Medical Kit (PMK) guarantees rapid, precise treatment under our specialized supervision. We prioritize your health and well-being, delivering a spectrum of services that includes preventive measures, chronic condition management, and access to an elite network of medical professionals, all tailored to meet diverse healthcare requirements.

Anywhere in the world, Help is Just a Phone Call Away


Optimal health is not just a personal benefit; it’s a professional imperative.

Our service becomes a strategic asset that’s keenly designed to meet the unique demands of those at the helm of your organization. We provide instant access to medical care and comprehensive health management, perfectly suited to their dynamic lifestyle. Our dedicated team ensures that health concerns never stand in the way of their leadership responsibilities, offering solutions that align with their busy schedules and global travels.

Your WorldClinic Member Benefits

Every aspect thoughtfully designed to bring you unparalleled healthcare experiences.

  • Complete Care Coordination
  • Health & Longevity Planning
  • International Medical Resources
  • Medical Evacuation Services
  • Proactive Travel Planning

Physicians and Health Systems 

Alleviate the personal on-call burden and enhance your practice by partnering with a team of professionals dedicated to amplifying and supporting your patient care excellence.

Partnering with WorldClinic brings a new dimension to your concierge practice or health system, offering your patients and members an immediate safety net for illness and injuries when traveling outside of your practice’s service area. Our role is to complement your services, providing seamless and efficient support through our extensive experience in global patient care with a team of board-certified physicians licensed in all 50 states.  

Recognized for our commitment to quality as the only concierge practice accredited for telehealth in the world, we serve as a discreet yet robust adjunct to your existing services, dedicated to maintaining the continuity and excellence of care your patients have come to expect and trust. 

How We Compare to Other Concierge Medical Practice Models

Our approach to concierge medicine extends far beyond the conventional, focusing on a truly global reach and a commitment to personal care. Unlike typical models, we are a full-fledged medical practice. This means that we do not just make recommendations; we take full responsibility for the health of every client.

Additionally, our platform consolidates every piece of your medical information to leverage the latest science, a service unavailable from any other type of concierge or telemedicine provider.



80:1 Member to Physician Ratio
Immediate access, any time, any place to your physician in less than 1 minute.



300-600:1 Member to Physician Ratio
Access to a physician or provider same or next day.



1,500-3,500 Patient to Physician Ratio
Access to a physician or a provider next day or same week.

360° All-Encompassing Concierge Medical Services

Experience healthcare redefined with WorldClinic’s bespoke concierge services, designed to cater to every aspect of your medical needs with precision and a human-to-human touch.

Concierge Telehealth

We understand that health concerns don’t adhere to a schedule or location. Our concierge telehealth service offers you immediate access to our team of board-certified physicians, 24/7, from any corner of the globe. This ensures that you receive prompt, personalized medical advice and treatment directly through your phone or smart device

Concierge Primary Care

As your dedicated health ally, WorldClinic provides extensive, continuous medical care that is custom-designed to align with your unique health history and lifestyle. Combining preventative care, routine check-ups, and management of chronic conditions, all with the flexibility and convenience of remote access.

Concierge Urgent Care

In moments of urgency, we stand ready offering swift, decisive medical intervention for acute health issues, ensuring you receive the right care at the right time. Our on-call physicians are equipped to handle a spectrum of urgent scenarios, providing expert guidance and treatment recommendations with the aid of your PMK.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does concierge medicine work at WorldClinic?

WorldClinic offers 24/7 global concierge telemedicine, providing diagnoses and treatment remotely, anytime, anywhere. When you call with a health concern, you’ll be quickly connected to a physician who knows you and has your medical summary. They’ll discuss your needs and guide you to the right treatment, often utilizing your personal Prescription Medical Kit (PMK). Our physicians handle everything from initial treatment to follow-ups and coordinating further care, ensuring your health issue is fully addressed. 

WorldClinic is completely loyal to you, not to a particular insurer or health care provider, thereby ensuring quality and continuity of care.

What is the Personal Prescription Medical Kit?

Your personal Prescription Medical Kit (PMK) is a carefully curated collection of essential medications, designed to address the most common ailments swiftly. This kit is a vital part of our care, allowing your WorldClinic on-call physician to begin treatment immediately, ensuring prompt attention to urgent care needs, wherever you may be.

What types of memberships are offered to individuals and families?

We offer different types of memberships based on the level of care that you need. For more information, please visit our Memberships Page

How does concierge medicine work with insurance at WorldClinic?

WorldClinic doesn’t accept traditional medical insurance for payment of memberships. However, our team will work within your insurance network when facilitating referrals, etc. Most importantly, WorldClinic consultations and treatments often prevent out-of-pocket costs and may eliminate the need for an office or specialist visit.

What are the benefits of concierge medicine at WorldClinic?

The benefits at WorldClinic include personalized medical attention from experienced professionals, swift access to healthcare services anytime, anywhere, and a comprehensive approach that coordinates with your existing healthcare providers. Our members enjoy peace of mind knowing they have a dedicated team committed to their overall well-being

Let’s Discuss How We Can Support Your Health Journey Together

For further information about WorldClinic’s concierge healthcare services or to discuss how we can support your specific health requirements, please reach out to us. Our membership team is available weekdays from 8:30am–5:00pm EST. Contact us to learn more about our concierge telemedicine services. 

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