Concierge HealthCare for Your Family When Every Second Counts. Every Minute, Every Day, Everywhere

WorldClinic’s concierge care for your family offers 24/7 global telemedical care, ensuring continuous health support and well-being for you and your loved ones.

Transforming Health Concerns into Peace of Mind 

We offer 24/7 availability to medical professionals, transcending the norm, providing not only familiarity with your medical history but a deep integration into your ongoing health and wellness journey. We move away from the conventional telemedicine model, embracing a tailored approach where your family’s unique health dynamics guide our care.

Whether it be in a hotel room, living room, at sea, or on a hiking trail, WorldClinic ensures that expert medical care is immediately accessible. Here, every concern is met with a level of care and understanding that reflects our commitment to your family’s distinct health roadmap. WorldClinic is more than healthcare; it’s a lifelong partnership in your family’s wellbeing.

Our Proven Process

Our 20+ years of experience in concierge family medicine have shaped a solution that’s more than just providing medical advice. Our proven process ensures that you and your family can embrace the freedom to live your life to the fullest, knowing that we are always on standby.

Your Physician In 60 Seconds

Our exclusive membership guarantees 24/7 access to a team of physicians that know you and your family. Whether you have a symptom or just a question, your physicians are here, like a doctor in the family.

Healthcare Without Boundaries

Access medical expertise whenever you need it, in any location. Our telemedicine solution provides prompt, reliable care, ensuring you and your loved ones are never without help. Day or night, home or away, we’re always here for your family.

Peace Of Mind at Your Fingertips

Each family member receives a personal Prescription Medical Kit stocked with a wide range of prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, first aid essentials, and diagnostic tools to address 95% of common health issues.

With You from Start To Finish

Your care team will remain at your and your family’s side, staying actively involved to offer guidance and comfort until your health issue is completely resolved.

How Our Concierge Family Care Model Works

Connect Anytime, Anywhere

Enjoy 24/7 access to our medical team. A simple call or tap on our app instantly connects you to the support you need, whenever you need it.

Instant Physician Access

Connect to a physician who knows you in 60 seconds or less, ensuring immediate attention to treat any iillness, injury, or health concern.

Initial Assessment

Once connected, our WorldClinic physician quickly assesses the situation and provides on-the-spot guidance and resolution.

Rapid Diagnosis and Treatment

For immediate treatment needs, instructions are given on how to use your Personal Medical Kit, enabling initial care guided by your concierge family doctor. 90% of all illnesses and injuries are effectively treated using your Personal Medical Kit.

Active Follow-Up Care

Should further medical action be needed, our physicians coordinate and own every step of additional care, such as arranging diagnostic tests or coordinating with specialists.

Ongoing Support

Continuous guidance and support are provided by our medical care team, ensuring a thorough and attentive healthcare experience.

Member stories



Via a FaceTime video link, the presumptive diagnosis of acute Lyme disease was made. The patient was immediately started on doxycycline from his prescription medical kit. A blood test for Lyme disease was quickly scheduled which affirmed the diagnosis. A follow up appointment with an infectious disease specialist, a month later, confirmed his complete recovery.

Member stories



The patient is diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. After WorldClinic collects his medical records, a physician creates a calendared management plan for regular blood testing and helps him set up a smartphone-enabled heart monitor and blood pressure database that is reviewed with his cardiologist. By taking several readings a day, we quickly create a baseline heart rhythm. With this plan, any variations in heart rhythm and blood pressure are quickly addressed. He stays out of the hospital and continues to live vibrantly.

Member stories



He was in need of an immediate refill of this prescription. WorldClinic was able to work with a local concierge physician to initiate a house call and subsequent delivery of the necessary medication. The student never had to leave the comfort of his dorm nor go a day without his critical medication.

Member stories



The patient was practicing basketball in his room. When jumping from his bed, he fell to the floor. The patient’s mother called WorldClinic and was immediately connected with a physician. Swelling, redness and pain of the right ankle were reported. Through FaceTime exam, the physician suspected an ankle sprain and recommend the RICE protocol. An X-ray was arranged for the following morning revealing no fracture. Daily follow ups were completed until ankle was fully healed and he was back to his normal activity.

Member stories



Mother calls WorldClinic and an exam is completed. The physician instructs the patient’s mother take the children’s temperature. A temperature of 103 is reported. From the infant PMK the mother is able to treat the fever right away with Ibuprofen and Tylenol. The child is fully recovered in 2 days.

Having a Membership In WorldClinic Is Like Having A Physician In The Family

There for you Around-the-Clock

24/7/365, our medical professionals are just a call away, ready to address your family’s health concerns with compassion and urgency.

Your Global Health Companion

Our global coverage guarantees that the support and guidance of our trusted medical team is always within reach.

Comprehensive Care for All Ages

From the children to family members in their golden years, we have no age restriction. Our clinical team is responsive to the ever-changing needs of your family, throughout all of life’s stages.

A Consistent Friendly Face

Unlike other services, we believe in the power of a lasting doctor-family relationship. Your dedicated concierge physician doesn’t just know your medical history; they know you.

Dedicated Health Advisory and Referral Services

Receive personalized health advisories and access to a vetted network of specialists, ensuring your family’s healthcare decisions are informed, strategic, and aligned with the best available care.

Personalized Prescription Medical Kits (PMK)

Every family member’s health is unique, which is why we provide specially tailored kits for each of your loved ones, offering quick access to essential treatments and medications.

Coordinated Care with Existing Physicians

We work closely with your existing physician network, ensuring seamless integration and coordination of care, enhancing the effectiveness of treatments and overall health strategies for your family.

Always On-Call To your Family

Our concierge practitioners provide practical and attentive healthcare guidance for the whole family, including toddlers, infants and teens, addressing their day-to-day health needs and supporting their development through each stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work for my family?

WorldClinic offers 24/7 global concierge family telemedicine, providing diagnoses and treatment remotely, anytime, anywhere. When you or a loved one calls with a health concern, you’ll be quickly connected to a physician who knows you and has your family’s summarized medical history. They’ll discuss your needs and guide you to the right treatment, often utilizing the personal Prescription Medical Kit  tailored to each family member. Our physicians handle everything from initial treatment to follow-ups and coordinating further care, ensuring your health issue is fully addressed. 

What types of memberships are offered under the family practice concierge care model at WorldClinic?

We offer different types of memberships based on the level of care that you need. For more information, please visit our Memberships Page

What is the Personal Prescription Medical Kit?

Your personal Prescription Medical Kit (PMK) is a carefully curated collection of essential medications, designed to address the most common ailments swiftly. This kit is a vital part of our care, allowing your WorldClinic on-call physician to begin treatment immediately, wherever you or your loved ones may be. 

How does WorldClinic's concierge medicine practice work with my current physician?

WorldClinic can work with your current physician to address your medical needs. We can also act as your primary healthcare resource, coordinating all your medical care and managing your health information. We ensure a seamless partnership with other physicians through electronic medical record transfers and a Care Team adept at communicating with both national and international medical practices. 

How do you build your network of adult specialists, and pediatric subspecialists?

Over two decades, WorldClinic has curated a network of top-tier specialists, each rigorously vetted through team evaluations and comprehensive assessments of their practice operations and quality. Our proprietary internal database, supplemented by a credentialed medical provider database, means that you have access to the most highly qualified physicians and hospitals around the world. 

Can I add additional family members, such as parents or children, to my membership?

Certainly, you have the flexibility to extend your membership to include spouses or partners, extended family, adult children, and dependent children up to age 26, if they are still on their parent’s or guardian’s health insurance. We offer these additional memberships at a reduced annual cost, making it easier for you to bring complete care to your loved ones. 

Is this service just for emergencies when I am traveling?

No. Wherever you are, WorldClinic is there. Whether you are dealing with an unexpected diagnosis, an emerging health concern, or a crisis, we ensure exceptional care for you and your family. We also provide preventive and longevity planning, chronic disease monitoring, and an expert referral network.    

Let’s Discuss How We Can Support Your Health Journey Together

For further information about WorldClinic’s concierge healthcare services, or to discuss how we can support your specific health requirements, please reach out to us. Our membership team is available weekdays from 8:30am–5:00pm EST. Contact us to learn more about our concierge telemedicine services. 

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