Concierge Primary and Urgent Care, Everywhere You Go

With WorldClinic’s concierge primary and urgent care, you’re immediately connected to a physician who knows you. Our 24/7 global telemedical support ensures your well-being is always in focus, no matter where life leads. Having a membership with WorldClinic is like having a doctor in your family.

Concierge Medicine For Individuals Just Like You

At WorldClinic, we redefine the telemedicine experience by offering 24/7 access to medical experts who deeply understand the individual health needs and lifestyle of our members. Our approach is centered around delivering personalized concierge care wherever you are, ensuring that, whether you find yourself in a remote location, on a business trip, or navigating daily life, you’re guaranteed immediate access to top-tier medical care.

With WorldClinic, you gain more than healthcare services; you enter into a lifelong health partnership dedicated solely to your wellbeing.


Point of Contact from Engagement


of Issues are Treated with Your Personal Medical Kit


Minutes to Initiate Treatment

Our Proven Process

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Your Physician In 60 Seconds

Our exclusive membership guarantees 24/7 access to a team of physicians that know you. Whether you have a symptom or just a question, your physicians are here, like a doctor in the family.

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Healthcare Without Boundaries 

Access medical expertise whenever you need it, in any location. Our telemedicine solution provides prompt, reliable care, ensuring you’re never without help. Day or night, home or away, we’re here to assist.

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Peace Of Mind at Your Fingertips

Your Personal Medical Kit is stocked with a comprehensive range of prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, first aid essentials, and diagnostic tools to address 95% of common health issues.

Team of medical doctors

With You from Start to Finish

Your care team will remain at your side, staying actively involved to offer guidance and comfort until your health issue is completely resolved.

How Our Personal Health Concierge Care Model Works

Connect Anytime, Anywhere

Enjoy 24/7 access to our concierge primary care team. A simple call or tap on our app instantly connects you to the support you need, whenever you need it.

Instant Physician Access

Connect to a personal concierge doctor who knows you in 60 seconds or less, ensuring immediate attention to treat any iillness, injury, or health concern.

Initial Assessment

Once connected, our concierge primary care physician quickly assesses the situation and provides on-the-spot guidance and resolution.

Rapid Diagnosis and Treatment

For immediate treatment needs, instructions are given on how to use your Personal Medical Kit, enabling initial care guided by your physician. 90% of all illnesses and injuries are effectively treated using your Personal Medical Kit.

Active Follow-Up Care

Should further medical action be needed, our physicians coordinate and own every step of additional concierge primary care, such as arranging diagnostic tests or coordinating with specialists.

Ongoing Support

Continuous guidance and support are provided by our medical care team, ensuring a thorough and attentive healthcare experience.

Member stories



A young technology executive feels the onset of an acute migraine at home on a Tuesday night. They had not yet requested a refill of their migraine treatment medications. With their neurologist unavailable after 5pm and knowing the value of early and aggressive treatment, they called WorldClinic and spoke with a physician. WorldClinic verified their medications and prescribed an emergency supply of their migraine medications for immediate use. A recheck six hours later showed resolution of the migraine.

Member stories



A guided exam was performed via FaceTime, which revealed a persistent field defect in the right eye, indicating an acute detached retina. The patient was instructed to depart immediately for Aspen Valley Hospital. En route to the hospital, she was kept in an upright posture to limit the spread of the detachment. Arrangements were made for her to be quickly seen by the on-call ophthalmologist. The patient underwent laser surgery within 1 hour of arrival. She had a full recovery of vision in 3 weeks.

Member stories



Through phone call, WorldClinic physician was able to diagnose the issue as a fungal foot infection. She was prescribed an anti-fungal medication from her WorldClinic PMK. Upon completion of medication the infection resolved and she was able to successfully complete her sailing journey.

Having a Membership in WorldClinic Is Like Having A Physician In The Family

There for you Around-the-Clock

24/7/365, our medical professionals are always available to address your health needs with immediate attention and expert care.

Your Worldwide Health Partner

Wherever you are, our global coverage ensures the support and guidance of our trusted medical team is just a call away.

A Consistent Friendly Face

We value a lasting doctorme-patient relationship. Your dedicated concierge primary care physician isn’t just familiar with your medical history; they know you and your specific health needs.

Dedicated Health Advisory and Referral Services 

Benefit from customized health advisories and access to a meticulously selected network of specialists, guiding your healthcare choices to be informed and in line with the finest care options.

Personalized Prescription Medical Kit (PMK)

Your health is unique, so we provide a customized medical kit designed for your specific health requirements, ensuring immediate access to necessary treatments.

Coordinated Care with Existing Physicians

We work in tandem with your existing healthcare providers, ensuring your health strategy is cohesive, well-managed, and effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does concierge primary care work at WorldClinic?

WorldClinic provides 24/7 access to global concierge telemedicine, offering diagnosis and treatment remotely at any time, from any place. When you contact us with a health issue, you will be promptly connected to a physician who is familiar with your medical history. This physician will evaluate your situation and steer you towards appropriate treatment, often making use of your personalized Prescription Medical Kit (PMK). Our physicians are involved in every step, from initial care to follow-up appointments, and arranging additional medical services, ensuring thorough attention to your health concern. 

What types of memberships are offered?

We offer different types of memberships based on the level of care that you need. For more information, please visit our Memberships Page 

What is the Personal Prescription Medical Kit?

The Personal Prescription Medical Kit (PMK) is a specially curated set of vital medications, designed to quickly address common health issues. This kit plays a crucial role in our care approach, allowing your WorldClinic doctor to commence treatment instantly, providing immediate care for urgent health situations, no matter your location. 

How does concierge personalized medicine work with my current physician at WorldClinic?

At WorldClinic, we can collaborate with your existing doctor to cater to your healthcare requirements, or we can act as your main healthcare provider. We coordinate all your medical services and manage your health records. Our smooth integration with other doctors involves transferring electronic medical records and a Care Team experienced in working with medical practices both in the U.S. and internationally. 

How do you build your network of concierge primary care, longevity health practitioners and doctors?

For over twenty years, WorldClinic has been assembling a network of premier specialists, carefully chosen through our team’s evaluations and extensive reviews of their practice operations and care standards. Our exclusive internal database, along with a commercial medical provider database, provides access to some of the most qualified physicians and hospitals worldwide.    

Can I add additional individuals to my membership?

Certainly, you have the flexibility to extend your membership to include spouses or partners, extended family, adult children, and dependent children up to age 26, if they are still on their parent’s or guardian’s health insurance. We offer these additional memberships at a reduced annual cost, making it easier for you to bring complete care to your loved ones. 

What happens if I have an emergency medical situation while I am traveling in a foreign country? 

Should you face a medical emergency while abroad, our doctors are ready to assist you 24/7. They offer immediate care and, if needed, coordinate your transfer to a top local hospital. WorldClinic maintains an exclusive list of international healthcare providers that meet our strict standards. Throughout your treatment, we maintain communication with the attending physician, facilitate the transfer of medical records, and organize an evacuation when necessary, managing each step until your safe return home. 

Is this service just for emergencies when I am traveling?

No. We provide a wide range of services including management of unexpected diagnoses, new health concerns, or crises. With WorldClinic, you get preventive and longevity planning, chronic disease management, and a network of specialist referrals for comprehensive care, no matter where you are. 

How is WorldClinic different from other primary care concierge practices like concierge doctors, travel insurance, referral services, and personal health advisories? 

WorldClinic is unique in that we are a true medical practice, fully responsible for our members’ health. Unlike many concierge doctors, our approach integrates immediate access to medical professionals and global-scale world-class treatments. We also offer care through a system that merges your medical data with the latest scientific advances for personalized treatment plans. 

Let’s Discuss How We Can Support Your Health Journey Together

For further information about WorldClinic’s concierge healthcare services, or to discuss how we can support your specific health requirements, please reach out to us. Our membership team is available weekdays from 8:30am–5:00pm EST. Contact us to learn more about our concierge telemedicine services. 

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