Delivering Tailored Concierge Care to Meet the Unique Needs of Your Executives

Optimize your leadership investment with our executive health services, ensuring peak performance, health, and resilience for your executive team, empowering them to meet today’s challenges and those of tomorrow.

Invest in Your Executive Team

At WorldClinic, we provide immediate, expert medical care for your executive team, wherever they are, at any hour. We blend the precision of top-tier medicine with the flexibility of 24/7 availability, ensuring their health never takes a backseat to their responsibilities. Our proactive approach integrates both preventive and responsive care, specifically suited to the active lifestyle of your top professionals, ensuring that their health and wellbeing is consistently supported and managed.


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How Our Care Model Works

Connect Anytime, Anywhere

Enjoy 24/7 access to our medical team. A simple call or tap on our app instantly connects you to the support you need, whenever you need it.

Instant Physician Access

Connect to a physician who knows you in 60 seconds or less, ensuring immediate attention to treat any illness, injury, or health concern.

Initial Assessment

Once connected, our WorldClinic physician quickly assesses the situation and provides on-the-spot guidance and resolution.

Rapid Diagnosis and Treatment

For immediate treatment needs, instructions are given on how to use your Personal Medical Kit, enabling initial care guided by your physician. 90% of all illnesses and injuries are effectively treated using your Personal Medical Kit.

Active Follow-Up Care

Should further medical action be needed, our physicians coordinate and own every step of additional care, such as arranging diagnostic tests or coordinating with specialists.

Ongoing Support

Continuous guidance and support are provided by our medical care team, ensuring a thorough and attentive healthcare experience.

Executive Healthcare Services that Support Your Most Important Asset

  • Travel-Focused Medical

  • Comprehensive

  • Executive Health and Wellness Planning

  • Travel-Focused Medical Care

Premier Primary and Urgent Care, Worldwide

24/7 access to board-certified physicians who know you for immediate diagnosis and treatment wherever your journey takes you. 

Health, Streamlined

Rapid access to your electronic medical records, enabling swift medical decisions in transit.

Travel Intelligence

Customized briefs outlining medical risks and resources, tailored for every international destination.

Assured Safe Return

Robust global medical evacuation plans for emergencies, offering peace of mind during travel.

  • Comprehensive Care

Personal Medical Kit

A personal Prescription Medical Kit, ensuring immediate treatment.

Expert Clinical Connections

Expedited referrals to top-tier specialists, ensuring best-in-class second opinions. 

Seamless Integration

We integrate with your existing primary care physician and specialists to ensure you receive the most connected care. 

Adaptable Care for Every Work Setting

Whether you are working in an office, remotely, or in a hybrid setting, our care adapts to your lifestyle and preffered setting. 

  • Executive Health and Wellness Planning

Proactive Health Strategy

Regular health reviews to stay ahead of potential issues and optimize long-term wellbeing. 

Harmonized Healthcare

A holistic approach, integrating effortlessly with current medical support networks. 

Executive Physicals Made Easy

We can manage and coordinate annual executive health exams, ensuring thorough, appropriate and convenient care.

End-to-End Appointment Management

We handle all logistics, from scheduling to post-appointment follow-ups. From new diagnosis to ongoing care coordination.

Experience the Difference

Our services were developed to improve the health, efficiency, and productivity of your leadership team, directly benefiting your organization.

24/7 Global Accessibility

First-class healthcare always within reach. Experience global executive medicine that never sleeps. Help is just a call away, anytime, anywhere.

Personalized Health Management

Customized healthcare strategies, finely tuned to each executive’s personal health records and history, ensuring bespoke care that adapts quickly to their evolving health needs.

Preventive Health Strategies

Focused on long-term well-being, we provide proactive health assessments and strategies designed to prevent health issues before they arise, keeping your executive team healthy and at their best.

Emergency Response Coordination

In the event of a health emergency, our team is prepared to swiftly coordinate and manage critical care responses, liaising with local medical facilities to ensure prompt, effective treatment.

Our Extended Service Suite For Employers

Embrace a wider spectrum of healthcare solutions for your workforce. Our expanded services are developed to address the diverse and dynamic needs of employers, extending corporate health across various industries and corporate environments.

Event and Corporate Production Services

From corporate functions to company retreats, our event services offer the assurance of complete healthcare coverage. We bring the expertise of our medical professionals directly to your venue, ensuring that every attendee, from executives to guests, experiences enhanced safety and wellbeing. Our services adapt to the scale and specific needs of your event, providing peace of mind through health screenings, on-site medical support, and emergency preparedness. 

Medical director on Demand

With our Medical Director on Demand services, your company gains access to professional, on-the-spot medical advice. This service equips you with access to physician consultations for critical incident planning and response as well as, expert review and input on your workforce policies.  We address a wide range of health-related issues that impact operational risk, emerging opportunities, and most importantly, the bottom line.

Concierge care for the injured worker

For every workplace incident, JobSiteCare ensures that immediate and effective medical attention is readily available. However, it’s a solution that goes beyond immediate response, ensuring employees receive the right treatment efficiently and effectively. This approach aids in quicker recovery and helps sustain business operations. Thoughtfully integrating with existing company processes, JobSiteCare offers a compassionate, effective injury management strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this benefit different from other executive health programs?

Unlike a typical executive health program that offers an annual exam, our service provides continuous, comprehensive healthcare coverage. This includes 24/7/365 access to medical care for your executives, whether they’re at home, at work, or traveling, ensuring their health is continuously monitored and managed. 

Which executives can benefit most from this service?

Our service is particularly beneficial for executives and leadership teams who face health risks due to high-stress environments. We focus on minimizing healthcare-related disruptions, thereby maximizing employee productivity. It’s an ideal benefit for both retaining and attracting top talent, offering unparalleled healthcare support wherever they are. 

Can you help us select and schedule executive exams for our leadership team?

Yes, we offer comprehensive coordination services for executive health exams. Based on individual needs and locations, we source and schedule the most suitable executive health programs, prioritizing efficiency, geographical convenience, and the specific health risks of each executive. 

What other services can you provide my company in addition to concierge care for my leadership team?

Beyond our executive team services, we extend our concierge care to cover your injured workers. We’re also equipped to provide on-site clinical expertise for special company events, ensuring comprehensive health support for your entire organization. 

How does insurance work for my eligible executive(s) and my organization?

The membership cost for your executives is typically paid for by the employer. In instances where executives require specialist care or hospitalization, our team will identify and coordinate with providers who accept their insurance, ensuring a seamless healthcare experience. 

What is the cost?

Our service operates on an annual membership model, with fees charged per executive. For specific pricing and to tailor our services to your organization’s needs, please contact us for a detailed quote. 

We are self-insured; can this save me/my company money?

Absolutely. Our proactive approach in managing health issues can resolve approximately 95% of cases swiftly. This not only reduces the need for costly ER visits and unnecessary diagnostics but also supports preventive healthcare. Ultimately, our members benefit from better health outcomes and lower overall healthcare costs. 

Let’s Discuss How We Can Support Your Health Journey Together

For further information about WorldClinic’s concierge healthcare services, or to discuss how we can support your specific health requirements, please reach out to us. Our membership team is available weekdays from 8:30am–5:00pm EST. Contact us to learn more about our concierge telemedicine services. 

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