Larry Rosenfeld

CFO & Chief Strategist

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Larry Rosenfeld , a compassionate financial steward, and Chief Financial Officer at WorldClinic, seamlessly merges his financial prowess with a heartfelt dedication to advancing healthcare innovation. Across his illustrious career, Larry’s impactful contributions resonate in both corporate landscapes and the realms of adventure.  

Embarking on a professional journey that spans decades, Larry is not merely an executive leader but a seasoned navigator, guided by an entrepreneurial spirit. His commitment to education and philanthropy shines through his role as the Executive Director of the Team Adventure Education Foundation, reflecting his profound dedication beyond the boardroom.  

Before steering the financial course at WorldClinic, Larry founded and led Concentra Corp, an influential tech company that left an enduring legacy, culminating in its acquisition by Oracle in 1998. Larry’s leadership transcends conventional boundaries, embodying a spirit that extends beyond the confines of the corporate world.  

Larry Rosenfeld’s love for adventure is as remarkable as his business acumen. From navigating Team Adventure in The Race Around the World 2001 to setting historic records in challenging races, Larry’s seafaring exploits testify to his spirit of exploration and resilience. With over 40 years of sailing experience and 25 Bermuda Races, Larry exemplifies an adventurous zest that complements his professional achievements.  

Beyond the healthcare sector, Larry remains an empathetic investor and board member, contributing strategic insights to ventures in telecom, healthcare, and various industries. His leadership extends far beyond financial considerations, reflecting a commitment to shaping the future of diverse sectors. 

In every facet of his professional and adventurous life, Larry Rosenfeld personifies a unique blend of financial acuity, entrepreneurial foresight, and a compassionate spirit that elevates every journey. Whether navigating corporate landscapes or the open seas, Larry leaves an indelible mark, driven by a genuine passion for making a positive impact.

Larry Rosenfield Headshot


To drive financial strategies that foster healthcare innovation and growth. I am dedicated to leveraging my financial expertise to contribute to innovation in the healthcare system.


Hampshire College

Bachelor of Science, Mathematics